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Resources And Speaking

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For the 2nd half of the webinar attendees, please download these four items below:

1.) Perils of Pre-Arranged Sales Part 2 07-13-2022
2.) Pre-Arranged Sale Phrases Cheat Sheet
3.) LOI Addendum A
4.) Biz Interest Addendum B
5.) Perils of Pre-Arranged Sales Part 2 - PPT

For webinar attendees, please download these two items below:

1.) PGDC E-Campus Part 1-7-6-22-The perils of Pre-arranged Sales Part 1
2.) PPTs--The Perils of Pre-arranged Sales-part 1

EBooks and Courses on www.DogTailPress.com

CRTs: Mystery or Mastery

Learn what’s “Under the Hood” of the charitable remainder trust and how to use the right form of trust for your prospect.

Blueprint for Planned Giving Success— Four EBook Series
Book One: Think

When preparing to set up a new planned giving program or revive one that isn’t working, this book helps you think through what you need to do to make sure it will be successful.

Book Two: Plan

This book teaches you what plans must be undertaken to set up a good, effective program and how to set them up properly so they work.

Book Three: Act

This book shows you the action steps to be taken to launch the program.

Book Four: Manage

The subject of this book is how to set up the operation and management of secured planned gifts during the term of deferral (for deferred techniques), and for matured planned gifts or outright structured gifts.

Online Courses

Quick Start Guide

Plain English Planned Giving

An eight-module online video course designed for the beginner in planned giving, or the major gift officer who needs to know how to spot planned gift opportunities and leads without having to become a technical expert in planned giving. Each of the eight module topics has 8 short videos filling out that topic. Each video is approximately 8-15 minutes for ease of learning and time commitment. It also serves as a refresher for those planned giving personnel who have been away from the field for a while.

Homerun Speaking

Almost every person in major or planned giving must speak before groups of people at some time in his or her career. There are two versions of this course—the quick mini-series of 4 lessons, and the 12-module complete course on becoming a dynamic presenter whether your audience is 1 or 1,000.

Miracle Marketing for Major and Planned Gifts

Whether marketing online or offline, most courses only teach “outreach techniques” but not what marketing really offers. This six-module course shows how to formulate your marketing plans, select target markets, understand what gift vehicles work with which target markets and then how to put those ideas into motion, whether online or offline until you are face-to-face, one on one, with your very valuable, carefully analyzed prospect. You will never again wonder what to say when you meet with a prospect for the first time. You will know more about him or her than just a name derived from a quantitative analysis. This marketing plan will make Peter Drucker’s famous quote come true—“Marketing should make selling superfluous”. In this case, marketing as taught here will make a hard ask superfluous. By the time you meet the prospect, you will already be on the threshold of a gift.


Under the Hood of the Charitable Remainder Trust

Miracle Marketing for Planned Gifts

Plain English Planned Giving for Non-Planned Giving Officers

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