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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

For more than four decades we have provided unsurpassed expertise for legal and consulting clients in three areas of philanthropy—individuals and families, nonprofit organizations and financial advisors.

Individuals and Families

Working with individuals and families, we have discovered that most people have never been presented the truly wonderful planning tools available for achieving lasting philanthropic goals. While tax planning is an important aspect of it, many people seek a better future for the world and mankind, whether globally or locally. We provide proven tools and techniques for achieving a lasting impact. These tools and techniques also offer substantial financial benefits to individuals, family and loved ones. People who aspire to build a better world deserve more than template forms and jargon. We listen to what is in the hearts and minds of philanthropic persons. Often times, our clients do not know what impact they can have. We lead them and guide them to think it through. We hear what it is they want to achieve, their hopes, goals, dreams and we provide design and structure that allows them to fulfill those aspirations.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations allow our democracy to work by delivering services to society that government cannot and perhaps should not provide. Whether they are public charities and educational institutions or private foundations, they need funding to provide the broad range of services the nonprofit industry provides. We have created many new nonprofit public charities as well as private foundations of all types. Our specialty also lies in creating and designing effective planned giving programs and working with a nonprofit’s donors to achieve the best possible solution for both the donor and the donee. We are also known for rescuing and correcting poorly formed or unqualified charitable gifts where the promised benefits would not come about without such correction.

Financial Advisors

We have the pleasure and the opportunity to work almost exclusively in this area of charitable giving and nonprofits. Most financial advisors must cover a far broader range of issues and do not have the time or expertise to specialize solely in philanthropic planning. We offer them the assistance they need, relying on our expertise, to engage in this rewarding area of planning by supporting their endeavors and helping them achieve what their clients wish to accomplish in philanthropy. This can be done in two different capacities as the advisor selects—working directly with the client or working behind the scenes with the advisor who maintains all contact with the client. Either way, the result is providing the advisor the ability to participate effectively in this area of planning. Advisors can thus offer expanded services for their planning clients to the mutual benefit of both advisor and client.